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Manager's Dram Release No.2

Manager's Dram Release No.2

We are delighted to announce the release of our latest single malt, Manager’s Dram No.2. 

Lovingly crafted by our Distillery Manager Ian Renwick, to celebrate and honour the custodians of The Glenturret, Manager’s Dram Release No. 2 has been created from a small batch of casks selected by Ian and the whisky team. 

The series was created to pay homage to the highly skilled, wider team that work at The Glenturret, and who are integral to the distillery’s ability to continue to produce such spectacular whiskies year after year. Respecting the traditional values and skills which have been passed down through the decades has always been the focus of The Glenturret, and this only remains possible thanks to a strong thread of invested, accomplished craftspeople passing their knowledge to the next generation. 

The Glenturret Manager’s Dram: Release No. 2 is being limited to just 750 bottles, all of which are hand numbered, and is now available for £165 per bottle exclusively from The Glenturret’s Distillery Gift Shop. 

The 51% ABV blend has been created from a small batch of casks spanning many years. This whisky has been predominantly matured in European oak sherry casks, with hints of American oak and mellow peat. The result is a rich nose full of caramelised toffee aromas, which combine in harmony with windswept moorland peat, dried raisins, vanilla custard and indulgent dark chocolate orange. This is followed by notes of warm-cured oak with a pinch of salt on the palate, mingled with dark fruits and sweet, ripe oranges. The finish is satisfyingly smooth and lingering.  

"Although this second release is a very different expression to the first, there is a familiar character that I hope you recognise in the glass. The particular selection of casks used in this expression was designed to give you a moment to reflect on the work of those craftspeople who have gone before. It’s been a joy to create this Single Malt, and a pleasure to know that the first edition in the Manager’s Dram series was so well received. We have a truly incredible team at the distillery, and it is thanks to these individuals, who are custodians of the skills required to make these liquids, that the footprint of The Glenturret will always remain constant." 

Ian Renwick, The Glenturret Distillery Manager 

This is the second release in the Manager’s Dram series, which will see The Glenturret add a new expression each year, created by Renwick. 

We call it MANAGER’S DRAM, but it’s yours to enjoy. 

Limited availability now in our Glenturret Gift Shop Only (9th Dec). 

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