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We take great pride in making our whisky using time honoured, traditional methods. Crafting our Single Malt requires skill, energy, and precious resources in equal measure.

In response to the climate crisis, we have made a commitment to reduce our global footprint and reach Net Zero by 2040.

Our Journey

Sustainability Strategy


Advocating Responsible Tourism

We have the pleasure of welcoming guests from across the world every year to our home in Crieff. As custodians of The Glenturret it is our responsibility and ambition to move towards a sustainable future. It’s a journey that we’re very passionate about sharing with our visitors and importantly we recognise how vital our visitors are to making a positive impact on our efforts as a team towards our environmental goals.

The Glenturret Distillery Exterior

Reduce Carbon Emissions

We are fully committed to reducing our emissions with a view to become Net Zero by 2040. We are working with our Carbon Accountant and our Sustainability Partners to make significant steps towards decarbonising our operations across Scope 1 and 2 emissions. We are also committed to working closely with our suppliers to identify opportunities to reduce our Scope 3 emissions. Since 2023 we have offset all of the emissions from our business travel through our Gold Standard and VERRA accredited partner.

Conserve Water

We source all of the water for our production from Loch Turret, located 3 miles from the distillery. Preserving this precious resource is incredibly important to us.

In 2022, we made significant upgrades to our production process, allowing us to reduce our annual production water requirements by 28% which equates to 1,000,000 litres of water saved per year.

Support Community

We are honoured to be part of Crieff’s heritage and the importance of supporting local people is a value that is deeply shared within our team. At The Glenturret we work with a range of community partners including Perth & Kinross Community Trust, Crieff Rugby Club, Crieff Food Bank and many more.

Sustain Wood

At The Glenturret we work closely with trusted cask builders that we know will deliver good results time and time again. We select casks that suit the style of our spirit, and the careful management of our wood supply is central to protecting and preserving such an important resource. Since 2022, 100% of our sherry casks are procured from sustainable suppliers.

Promote Circular Economy

Our focus on Circular Economy and Effective Waste Management ensures as little waste goes to landfill as possible. In 2023 we changed the management of our recycling and waste processing to a local independent partner.

This has enabled us to improve our recycling rate by 29% ensuring that over 90% of all our waste collected is recycled. Our unique bottle, carton and shipping cases are 100% recyclable. Our glass, labels and shipping cases also include recycled materials in their production.

Encourage Biodiversity

Our distillery is home to a wealth of wildlife including three identified species of bats and a thriving red squirrel population.

In order to encourage biodiversity around the distillery, we have a Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan in place which is regularly reviewed and includes details of all the habitat boxes and feeders currently in use around the distillery estate.

Embrace Innovation

Although we have a heritage that spans more than 250 years, at The Glenturret we embrace change, and we are constantly evolving as a business.

Innovative process design is central to improving our efficiency and reducing our energy consumption whilst preserving time-honoured traditions.

Engaging with Smart Monitoring and Reporting partners is helping us toward our net zero targets and to align with our work towards Sustainable Development Goal 12, which emphasises responsible consumption and production.


Butterfly Mark

We are proud to reveal we are now Butterfly Mark certified passing Positive Luxury's independent ESG+ assessment having achieved Butterfly Mark certification for embedded measurable, sustainability practices across our business operations.