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Launch of 'Prowess' Decanter, the Second Release of the Trinity Series

Launch of 'Prowess' Decanter, the Second Release of the Trinity Series

We are proud to reveal the latest release in the Trinity Series in Lalique - a limited-edition single malt series in collaboration with Lalique, one of the crown jewels of the French crystal industry... 

The Glenturret Prowess is the second in The Glenturret by Lalique series and features 320 bottles, each presented in a beautiful crystal decanter designed by Marc Larminaux, Artistic & Creative Director at Lalique. The piece is inspired by the many skilled hands that create the whisky at every step of its journey to bottling. It celebrates the craft, commitment and patience required to create a whisky of such depth and richness of spirit. 

These many characters are also reflected in the taste profile: wood spices, aromatics and oranges provide the background, and a thread of soft liquorice runs throughout. Raisins, chocolate and hints of crème brûlée are added with ginger, rich fruit, vanilla and notes of clean oak delivering the finale. Created by Master Blender Bob Dalgarno, the whisky is drawn from three casks - two filled in 1987 and one filled in 1988, bottled in December 2022 at 33 years old. 

“Many hands touch the life of a whisky, each with a skill honed over time – true craftspeople, adding a chapter to the story as it passes them. From the coopers who build the casks, the farmers who grow and harvest the barley, the distillery team who mash, distil and fill the new make spirit to cask, the warehousemen who keep watch over the maturation and the whisky maker who selects and decides on the destination of the spirit. This release is a celebration of these individuals who contribute to the process, a trophy in their honour.” 

Bob Dalgarno, The Glenturret Whisky Maker  

Marc Larminaux designed the eye-catching crystal decanter and explains that: 

“I took inspiration from the emotive iconography of trophies which celebrate Success and Prowess in a given field of pursuit. This elegant and distinguished decanter represents the skills of our Lalique artisan crystal makers and the craftsmanship of the whisky-making team at Scotland’s Oldest Working Distillery.” 

Marc Larminaux, Artistic & Creative Director at Lalique

If you’re interested in purchasing a decanter, please contact Ruaridh Jackson, Private Client Manager at The Glenturret: 

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