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Limited Edition Manager's Dram No.3 Release

Limited Edition Manager's Dram No.3 Release

We are proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of the third and final edition of Manager's Dram, a remarkable expression that promises to captivate peat enthusiasts and entice those new to the world of smoky whiskies.

Crafted by Distillery Manager Ian Renwick, and building on the resounding success of Editions No. 1 and No. 2 – which sold out within days of their release – The Glenturret Manager's Dram: Release No. 3 is a thoughtful blend of peated and non-peated whiskies, aged in a harmonious marriage of European and American oak sherry casks, as well as American bourbon barrels.

The careful maturation process spanning many years brings out the harmonious blend of sweetness and smoke, resulting in a non-chill-filtered whisky with a slightly reduced strength at 47% ABV, to truly savour the resulting whisky’s rich flavours. Delicate wood smoke opens to embrace citrus fruits and vanilla, mingling with creamy caramel, concentrated dark fruits, and rich dark chocolate. Warm, reassuring sweet smoke envelopes blood red oranges, citrus, and vanilla notes, leading to a long smooth finish.

The Manager’s Dram series was created in 2021 and pays homage to the highly skilled, wider team working at The Glenturret, who are integral to the distillery’s ongoing success. Respecting the traditional values and skills which have been passed down through the decades, from generation to generation, has always been at the core of The Glenturret; Manager’s Dram celebrates and honours these custodians.

Ian Renwick, Distillery Manager at The Glenturret, expressed his enthusiasm for the final edition, stating that

“Presenting the 3rd release of Manager's Dram – the final edition of my quest to introduce smoky delights to traditional non-peat drinkers – is a very exciting moment. We’re still humbled by the success of the first two editions and of course hope that this last edition will be received just as well! I consider myself very lucky to be working with such an incredible team here at The Glenturret – every single one of them is a custodian of the skills required to make The Glenturret whisky, and to ensure that the footprint and philosophy of the distillery will always be honoured. We call this series Manager’s Dram, but it’s yours to enjoy!"

The Glenturret Manager’s Dram: Release No. 3 is limited to just 750 bottles and is now available for £175 per bottle exclusively from the distillery gift shop.

Tasting Notes: Delicate WOOD SMOKE opens to embrace CITRUS FRUITS and VANILLA, mingling with a CREAMY CARAMEL, concentrated DARK FRUITS and rich DARK CHOCOLATE. Warm, reassuring SWEET SMOKE envelopes BLOOD RED ORANGES, CITRUS and VANILLA notes, leading to a long smooth finish.

47% vol. Natural Colour. Non-Chill-Filtered

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