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The Glenturret breaks record at Distillers One of One Charity Auction

The Glenturret breaks record at Distillers One of One Charity Auction

The Glenturret, Scotland’s Oldest Working Distillery has today achieved a new auction record of £125,000 with The Glenturret Enduring Spirit, also marking the highest priced release in its history.

This one-off set of four unique whiskies, inspired by the distillery's long and illustrious past, has been crafted exclusively for the prestigious Distillers One of One Charity Auction. The Glenturret returned to the auction as a Founder Member for the second time and its remarkable lot captivated the global whisky community - collectors and enthusiasts - with its distinctive blend of heritage, craftsmanship, and exclusivity.

The whiskies, crafted by Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno, are housed in four beautiful crystal Lalique decanters using a vintage mould from the 1980s and each represent a key moment in  The Glenturret’s 260-year-old history. To depict these key moments, each decanter has been sandblasted with an image created by Glasgow-based artist Kirstin Burnet.

Decanter 1: 1763-1820 - Cask #341, distilled in 1986, bottled in 2023 at 36 Years Old 

Decanter No.1 features an image referring to the period between 1763 and 1820, a time when the first record of The Glenturret was found in a rental document dating back to 1763, confirming The Glenturret as Scotland’s Oldest Working Distillery.  

Tasting Notes: RIPE PINEAPPLE, aromatic with CINNAMON sweetness, TROPICAL FRUITs lead with SWEET VANILLA and WOOD SPICES, mouth coating, maturing OAK shows later flowing through to a CREAMY, FRUITY finish.

Decanter 2: 1821-1880 - Cask #190001, distilled in 1978, bottled in 2023 at 44 Years Old 

Decanter No.2 shows an image of the distillery and River Turret, which has always provided the distillery with an unparalleled source of water; it is the year 1821 to 1880 when new owners re-named the distillery “The Hosh” and announced the arrival of its whisky in London. 

Tasting Notes: TOFFEE APPLES and CITRUS FRUITS, the aromatic thread continues, touches of TOASTED OAK combine with DRIED FRUIT, GINGER, CINNAMON and MARSHMALLOW, leading to a complex, warm finish.

Decanter 3: 1881-1960 - Cask #190005, distilled in 1990, bottled in 2023 at 32 Years Old 

Decanter No.3 focuses on the years 1881 to 1960, a time that was marked by prohibition as well as a new owner at The Glenturret Distillery: James Fairlie, who had the vision to bring back the distillery to live after it had fallen silent for more than 30 years. His ambition to ‘preserve the traditional methods of distilling and to grow the appreciation for whisky’ still is one of the core pillars of The Glenturret’s philosophy today.  

Tasting Notes: SYRUP SPONGE, soft sweet notes reminiscent of SHERRY at Christmas, slight hints of CLOVE and CINNAMON.  DRIED FRUITS and GENTLE WOOD SPICES dance on the palate, leaving a rich but slightly dry finish.

Decanter 4: 1961-2020 - Cask #190014, distilled in 1998, bottled in 2023 at 25 Years Old

Decanter No.4 looks at the period between 1961 and 2020, which saw the distillery become one of the first and most popular destinations for visitors from across the world, including key politicians and British Royalty.  

Tasting Notes: RICH DRIED FRUIT, warm sweet notes from RAISINS and DATES, subtle notes of mature OAK balanced with CINNAMON and NUTMEG. LIQUORICE and ANISEED make a brief appearance before a rich finish of WOOD SPICES. 

 “We’re very proud to be returning to The Distillers One of One Auction as a Founder Member. This incredible initiative has already improved the lives and opportunities of young people around Scotland, proving that every pound raised is being put to exceptional use. We’re also very proud of our lot this year – ‘Enduring Spirit’ tells the key stories that have formed our brands’ history over the past four centuries, and have brought us to where we are today. It took a little longer than planned to finish the four crystal decanters, due to the incredible craftsmanship that goes into creating each of them, but the result was well worth the wait!” John Laurie, Managing Director at The Glenturret

The set of decanters comes in a beautiful, bespoke presentation trunk created and handmade by renowned Scottish design studio and workshop, Method Studio. The trunk is crafted from poplar wood and Scottish leather, and detailed with thick hand-stitched bridle leather, oiled Scottish oak, and gold. Its painstaking construction draws on traditional trunkmaking techniques, as well as Method’s unique own in-house style, and was built at their secluded workshop, in the thickly wooded hills above Linlithgow in Scotland.

The winning bidder also receives an exclusive invitation to The Glenturret Distillery, where they can savour a sensational gastronomic experience led by Head Chef Mark Donald at the Michelin-starred Glenturret Lalique Restaurant. 

The Distillers One of One Auction, hosted in partnership with Sotheby’s, will take place at Hopetoun House on the 5th of October 2023. The proceeds from this remarkable auction will be donated to The Distillers’ Charity, principally to the Youth Action Fund, dedicated to transforming the lives of young people in Scotland 

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