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The Glenturret x Greenly

The Glenturret x Greenly

In order to realise our ambition to become Net Zero by 2040 we know that we have to make significant steps towards decarbonising our operations. Firstly, we must understand our full emissions and which areas of our business have the biggest climate impact. 

In 2023, we partnered with Greenly to measure and verify our emissions backdated to 2020, the first full year of operating under our current ownership structure. Accurately measuring our emissions across scopes 1, 2 and 3 according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol or Ademe methodology, allows us to build a carbon reduction plan aligned with our Net Zero targets. 

Reductions will take time; however, it is something that we are seriously committed to and being transparent around our emissions and our plans to improve forms a crucial part of our sustainability strategy.

Our reports below measure our overall emissions as a business each year from 2020 onwards. They take into consideration both direct and indirect sources and cover our supply chain and employees as extensively as possible. Our overall emissions have grown as we have increased our production, team, and the markets that we distribute to. Although we have significant work to do to improve our footprint ahead of our interim 2030 targets, we have already recorded reductions in several operating areas. These include a 14% reduction in employee related emissions and a 39% reduction in service related emissions.

Mapping out our carbon footprint has allowed us to identify that 91% of our emissions are related to scope 3 which includes business related operations such as transport, distribution and purchasing goods and services. With such a large impact, much of our reduction plan is focused on working with our suppliers to avoid, reduce and offset emissions in our supply chain.  

Greenly Reports 

Greenly Report 2023

Greenly 2022 Report

Greenly 2021 ReportGreenly Report 2020

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