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The Glenturret are Butterfly Mark Certified

The Glenturret are Butterfly Mark Certified

We are proud to reveal we are now Butterfly Mark certified passing Positive Luxury's independent ESG+ assessment having achieved Butterfly Mark certification for embedded measurable, sustainability practices across our business operations.

In order to achieve the Butterfly Mark, companies must achieve a minimum of 50% in each area of assessment: Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG). The Glenturret achieved 71% in Environment, 78% in Social and 79% in Governance, excelling in the following areas: SMART MONITORING & REPORTING, SUSTAINABILITY PURPOSE, WASTE MANAGEMENT & CLIMATE.

SMART MONITORING AND REPORTING: Working with OAK Network Ltd for a 6-week trial in The Glenturret Lalique Restaurant to track its energy consumption, The Glenturret has identified areas of energy leakage and wasted costs – saving up to £19K and avoiding 12,000kg of CO2 emissions when rectified. Emphasising responsible consumption and production, The Glenturret are engaging with Smart Monitoring and Reporting partners to support them toward its net zero targets and align its work towards Sustainable Development Goal 12.

SUSTAINABILITY PURPOSE: While working with Positive Luxury through the Butterfly Mark assessment, The Glenturret created a ‘Green Team’ comprising representatives from each department, championing and working toward sustainable and ethical business decisions. With core values of accountability, respect, integrity, teamwork, success, customer focused and people, The Glenturret demonstrates that employees are at the heart of the business and imperative to achieve its mission. Sustainability remains a priority with employees at the centre allowing effective action and implementation.

WASTE MANAGEMENT: In 2022, The Glenturret upgraded their production processes including installing new heating systems in the Still House and a new Mash Tun and Heat Exchanger in the Mash House. One year on, efficiency gains and waste reductions are already being seen – 28% reduction of process water required equating to a 1,000,000 litres of water per year saving. Improvement data shows a 27% reduction in energy use for every litre of alcohol produced versus a 33% reduction target by the end of 2023. The Glenturret understands the importance of evolving towards greener practices whilst retaining its traditional values and ‘By Hand and Heart’ ethos.

CLIMATE: The Glenturret have created an extensive Environmental Management System aligned with ISO 14001 moving their ambition to trackable action. From understanding the legal requirements, environmental aspects, materiality, impacts and opportunities to setting targets for Net Zero operations. The Glenturret has identified its greatest impacts and is working to avoid, minimise or offset the outcomes, tracking progression on an annual basis.

Positive Luxury’s four-part methodology is uniquely tailored for the luxury industry, and is the only certification that focuses on innovation and future sustainability risks. The Butterfly Mark is an independent certification that verifies for consumers and other stakeholders that a luxury business is operating in line with the highest standards of sustainability across the entire value chain.

“We are proud to certify The Glenturret with the Butterfly Mark for embedding sustainability throughout the business. The combination of traditional methods and people are at the heart of their business success aligning with their ethos ‘By Hand and Heart’. The Glenturret team are working tirelessly to ensure sustainability practices and ESG metrics are embedded in every department of their business.”

Diana Verde Nieto, Co-Founder of Positive Luxury


“As distillers, taking a longer view is something that we have practiced for generations. We understand the importance of evolving our processes to make them more efficient, whilst retaining our traditional values and our ‘By Hand and Heart’ ethos. The Butterfly Mark is a respected certification that our team have worked hard to achieve. At such a critical time to make a difference, undergoing Positive Luxury’s ESG+ assessment, demonstrates our continued commitment to crafting our single malt using sustainable practices.”

John Laurie, The Glenturret Managing Director

Other luxury brands that have been awarded the Butterfly Mark include Monica Vinader, Tom Ford Beauty, Dior Couture, MCM, IWC Schaffhausen, Belvedere, The Macallan, Anya Hindmarch and more. By continuing as part of the Positive Luxury brand community, The Glenturret commits to exceeding standards set for social and environmental frameworks.

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