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First 50 Years Old Decanter Sells at Sotheby's Whisky in Lalique Auction

First 50 Years Old Decanter Sells at Sotheby's Whisky in Lalique Auction

To mark this ultra-limited aged whisky being made available by The Glenturret, decanter #1 of 150 of our highly limited 50 Years Old expression, has been auctioned off by Sotheby’s as part of their ‘Whisky in Lalique’ auction. The final auction price of the decanter and bespoke artwork from Matthew Draper sold for £63,000 and was presented in a bespoke black case with mother of pearl inlays. 

This singular whisky represents some of our oldest casks and is a once-in-a-decade release. Filled in the Winter of 1972, peacefully maturing for over five decades, this ultra-rare spirit has been developing an ever-increasing complexity and depth, unaware that it has been creating history and flavour in equal measure. 
Sweet aromatic candy forms an ever-present background to hints of fresh apple and warm honeycomb. Subtle green oak, syrup sponge, dates and dried prunes lightly coat the mouth, a slight touch of aniseed. 

As a distillery much celebrated for specialising in small-batch, hand-crafted whiskies, The Glenturret is known to have a genuinely scarce volume of whisky available, making this expression a greatly coveted release for any serious collector. 

Enquire today to add this rare 50 Years Old expression to your collection. 

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