The Glenturret Breabach 15 Years Old 40% ABV
The Glenturret Breabach 15 Years Old 40% ABV

The Glenturret Breabach 15 Years Old 40% ABV

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The Glenturret's latest limited edition bottling collaborates with the contemporary Scottish folk band, Breabach. We were initially approached by Breabach to talk about creating a whisky that celebrated their 15th anniversary and we could instantly see common values shared with The Glenturret Single Malt. The skill that goes into mastering their craft in the music industry echoes the craftsmanship our stillmen have honed to create our whisky. We had to be involved.

There are only 1,000 bottles available of The Glenturret Breabach 15 years old. Each bottle is individually numbered and is presented in a custom designed bespoke box with a commemorative anniversary pin badge. This is the perfect opportunity to purchase a piece of Breabach history.

Akin to the five members of Breabach there are five Glenturret Stillmen and five key elements to this handcrafted Single Malt Scotch. Four handpicked casks and the crucial fifth element of time combine to create something truly special.

The whisky itself is a beautiful harmony of subtle vanilla sweetness, rich oak, and gentle warming spices. A Single Malt showing its progress through time as the musicians reflect on their journey to date. The Glenturret and Breabach show 15 years of growth, maturity, character, togetherness, and time.

Early days see introductions. Fruity, sweet, a slight edge. A freshness. A beginning. In their infancy, both the spirit and the band develop. Gradually the characters become more rounded yet start to show depth. A time for individuals to come forward and shout, whilst others temper and reason.

The combination of different oaks come together in a harmony of flavours. European oak reveals a composition of dried fruit and spice while American oak shows apple green landscapes. The start of the pipes like ginger sparking. Softer toffee notes are full, akin to a flute. The fiddle lends a backdrop of zest; sharp yet balances all with guitars, like subtle oak, unobtrusive.

Together both tell that moment in time where they are at one with each other. The perfect time to stop and tell the tale so far.

The Glenturret Breabach 15 Years Old Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Honey Gold

Aroma: Soft citrus fruits with a lemon zest to start. Sandalwood and jasmine mingle with freshly cut oak sawdust. Redcurrant comes later with a toffee caramel ending.

Taste: Sweet from the outset with a wood pepper palate. Red fruits follow with maturing oak and marshmallows.

Finish: Soft and meandering