Angels Be Damned 14yo 750ml 9.8% ABV

Angels Be Damned 14yo 750ml 9.8% ABV

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The “Angels be Damned” Glenturret whisky-barrel-aged-beer was a project that began back in January 2018. We worked with the St Andrews Brewing Company to produce two whisky-barrel-aged Scotch Ales.  We identified two ex-Sherry seasoned hogshead casks that were imminent for bottling, one of the casks contained 12 years old matured Glenturret whisky and the other 14 years old matured Glenturret whisky. Once the whisky was sent for bottling we then transported the casks to St Andrews Brewing Company where they were filled with one of their signature Scotch Ales.

St Andrews waited for a few months for the flavours of the whisky casks to combine with the flavours of the ale. After four months the brewery began taste testing the products and decided to leave the beer to mature in the casks for a further three months. With the flavours peaking at seven months the brewery decanted the beer into stunning 750cl sharing bottles ready to be enjoyed in both a 12 years old and 14 years old edition.

Angels Be Damned Tasting Notes 

14 Years Old Barrel Aged Scotch Ale 9.8% ABV

Appearance: Golden Amber

Aroma: Deep toffee with tangerine lingering in the background. Hints of vanilla ice cream give way to crème caramel and fresh custard

Taste: Cocoa powder notes meet fresh rose petals and honeycomb. The palate later develops into dried oats and hazelnut

Finish: Mild oak, burnt toffee and breakfast tea-like astringency