We source our high quality malt from Simpsons Malt on the Scottish borders, and our pure water from the Loch Turret which is situated just 3.5 miles from the distillery.

The malted barley is fed into our original grist mill to be ground until it resembles coarse flour.


The Glenturret mash tun is the last remaining hand-operated mash tun of its kind in Scotland, with mashing done by hand with a wooden rouser.

This approach allows for greater control of the mash which in turn allows for more sugars and thus more alcohol.

The Wash Back

The Glenturret wash backs are made from Douglas Fir.

We have a particularly long fermentation time of up 100 hours which helps to build The Glenturret’s distinctive fruity characteristics.

The Copper Stills

Our stills have a shape and size unique to The Glenturret Distillery.

Our tall wash still creates a very light spirit and we continue to use traditional pot stills made of handbeaten copper.

The most significant part of The Glenturret distillation process, is that we run our stills very slowly. This slow distillation helps to build sweeter, lighter characteristics in our new make spirit.

Our stillmen use the skill and judgement built up over generations of experience to cut the spirit by eye using our hand operated spirit sample safe.

The Casks

The heart of the run is pumped from the still house to the filling store, where the strength of the new make spirit is reduced by the addition of Loch Turret water before being hand filled into oak casks.

The casks are stowed in our warehouse and left undisturbed until we feel that the whisky has matured to perfection.