Part Three - Glenturret Peated

Stepping back in history to pre electric/gas here at Glenturret we would have used Peat as a fuel source for malting our barley. The Peated Glenturret is a nod to that era, more akin to the whisky style we would have crafted then.

Using Bourbon casks this dram is a gentle embrace from a smouldering wispy bonfire. Certainly a mountain climbing whisky if ever there was one! A gently warming wood smoke, that warms you up whilst at the top of a Munro, delivers an exquisitely smooth gently sweetness like that moment you taste a freshly baked chocolate brownie. Leaves me with a long smoky lingering tingly aftertaste, I just can’t get enough of this dram…..

Rather dangerous in my mind as you can forget just how much of it you can have…. Responsibly of course!

Thanks for reading, keep an eye out for Part 4 when we will be talking about another Glenturret dram.