Part One: Glenturret Triplewood

As part of our Core Range Glenturret let me tell you about our Triplewood. We use 3 cask types to craft this fine chap, American oak bourbon casks, Spanish Oak Sherry casks & finally American Oak Sherry casks.

It is a well-balanced, truthful, up front honest dram and I absolutely love it!  Not to advocate irresponsible day time drinking this is the quintessential breakfast dram!. Heavily influenced through our use of American Oak bourbon & sherry casks it has a little bit of everything, delivering smooth creamy vanilla notes, smooth oaky tones & an underlying light fresh citrus. The gentle oily sweetness makes it somewhat delightful! That slight spice at the end from our sherry casks just finishes this dram perfectly.

The most epic session dram I’ve ever had. I’ve paired it with salted cashews nuts (which works really well!), although a sneaky piece or two of shortbread works equally well to bring out the character.

I hope you have enjoyed this. Look out for part two when we will be discussing another edition from our Glenturret range.