5 Whisky Activities To Do During Lockdown

5 Whisky Lockdown Activities

There’s no doubt about it, the next few weeks are going to be strange. For most people, being inside this much does not come easily. So if you love whisky and you’re looking for something to do, we’ve got some ideas for you….

The Glenturret Whisky Collection

Organise your whisky collection

Often we start off with a beautifully arranged whisky cabinet/shelf/room (if you’re lucky), but over time as they get pulled off the shelf and shuffled around things can become a little muddled. Because you know where they are, you end up reaching for the same few bottles over and over and others end up completely neglected. So while you’ve got the time why not pull them all off the shelves, give them a good dust down and start organising. Maybe you’ll rediscover an old favourite that has been pushed to the very back of your collection or a bottle with one last dram in it that you were saving for the right occasion, a time when you felt you wanted something that little bit special. Now might be that time for you! How you organise them is up to you, your options are endless. Maybe you’ll choose to do this by region, perhaps alphabetically, possibly you’ll put together a list of what’s next on your “to try” list and organise them that way. Whichever way you choose, we’d love to see your whisky collection (especially if there’s some of The Glenturret bottles in there). Share your photos of your newly arranged whisky collection by tagging us on social media. You can tag us on Twitter: @DrinkGlenturret or on Instagram: @theglenturretwhisky. 
The Glenturret Instagram Live Tasting

Hold a virtual tasting with family and friends

There are so many platforms now where you can still keep in touch with your nearest and dearest from afar (Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, House party). This is the ideal time to get together (virtually) and host a whisky tasting! Pull together a couple of whiskies you, your family or friends have in the house and take them through a full blown whisky experience. Use this as a chance to educate yourself on some things you might not have known before. Find out more about the legs of a whisky, how best to nose a dram, and the different ways you can appreciate Scotland's national drink. Share this with your friends and family and let them know the way you prefer to enjoy each dram, whether that be neat or with water, in a cocktail or with a bit of ice. Encourage them to ask questions, share their thoughts, and preferences. If you really want to ramp up your game, you could include a mini food pairing, sharing what food you think brings out the best in each dram. If you need some inspiration on this then tune in to our Instagram Live Tasting with our Brand Ambassador Jamie at 7pm GMT on the 27th of March. You can find us on Instagram here.
Whisky Quiz

Swat up on whisky research and write a whisky quiz

Everyone is in need of a bit of light relief right now, so why not create a whisky quiz for your friends? Do some research, find out some fun facts, and get quizzing! There are lots of great ways that can help you to create your quiz, put it out to friends and test who amongst you has the best whisky knowledge! Websites like quiz-maker.com are a great option. Tip: Our blog post on The Glenturret Water Source is a great place to start for some fun facts that could be made into questions! You can find it here.
The Glenturret Whisky Tasting Notes

Start a whisky diary

Create your own notes on Appearance, Aroma, Taste, and Finish and record these in a whisky diary. You could even rate them on a points scale. Everyone’s nose and palate are unique, and while we provide tasting notes for all of our whiskies, you might find your nose picks up on different notes, or your palate finds different flavours. This is a great thing to do if you’re still finding your whisky feet and working out what kind of whisky you enjoy most, or, if you’ve found yourself drinking the same kind of whisky over and over again and want to experiment a little more. We can’t wait to see your write ups on The Glenturret! 
The Glenturret Whisky Cocktail

Create Your Own Whisky Cocktail

Are there Aromatic Bitters lurking in the back of your cupboard? Have you always wanted to try and make your own sugar syrup but never had the time? Well the time is now! There are lots of great cocktail recipes out there that you can start with, we have some of our own on our blog page. Once you’ve nailed a few classics, you can start creating your own! We’d love to hear how you get on, adapting existing or creating future classics. 


We know the next few weeks will be challenging, but, by virtually pulling together and staying apart physically, we will come through the other side stronger than ever. We hope these ideas will give you some inspiration on how to keep busy and stay positive!


Please enjoy our ideas, at home, responsibly!