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Brand Ambassador visit to Seoul Bar Show

Brand Ambassador visit to Seoul Bar Show

Join us to hear all about our Global Brand Ambassador, Jamie Morrisons recent visit to our official brand importer Taesan Liquor in Korea.     

The Taesan team are building The Glenturret's brand presence in Korea and we are humbled by their dedication and commitment to The Glenturret brand. 

An exciting schedule was planned for Jamie, from conducting various masterclasses and visiting local bars to attending The Glenturret stand at Seoul Bar Show.

Jamies first couple of days were action packed with consumer masterclasses led by Jamie and translated by Beitna Kim. The initial masterclass held at Bottle Bunker’s Flagship Store in downtown Seoul was a sold out event, where Jamie showcased The Glenturret's 2023 Release. 

“It was an amazing to see our bottles on shelf & more over seeing people so engaged and enthusiastic about The Glenturret was incredible”.   

“Working with youtuber Beitna Kim (yosultv) during the masterclasses was awesome, she studied at Heriot Watt through the IBD so we were able to geek out at several parts of The Glenturret production and we made a terrific team”.  

Jamie also hosted a masterclass session at the renowned Malt Bar Rubato and Malt Bar Mori. Always happy to talk all things The Glenturret, Jamie's Q&A session was over two hours. 
“The appetite & knowledge level for our brand was something I’d never seen before”.  

The trip concluded with Jamie attending Seoul Bar Show, a bar & spirits exhibition held over a few days in Korea specializing in spirits such as whisky, brandy, rum, gin, vodka, and tequila. 

“Working at the bar show was unbelievable, there were queues of people 50-60 deep to get a taste of the liquid and after the masterclass I felt full of adrenaline, it was such a fun session, even my dry sense of humour went down well”.  

The brand stand was an exciting activation and The Glenturret stock available sold out each day with Jamie adding:

“The team were on fire, and we genuinely couldn’t keep up with the demand”. 


We would like to thank the entire Taesan team, firstly for making Jamie’s first visit so action packed and successful and secondly for their resolute commitment to spreading our brand throughout Korea. We look forward to the next visit. 

글렌터렛 글로벌 엠버서더 제이미와 함께한 마스터 클래스와 2024바앰스피릿쇼에서 함께 해주신 모든 분들에게 진심으로 감사 드리며, 좋은 행사로 다시 만나기를 진심으로 바랍니다!

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